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About Southern Antimicrobial Solutions

Stay One Step Ahead Of Viruses And Bacteria. Don’t Just Kill Them – Prevent Them!

Southern Antimicrobial Solutions was founded right here in the Lowcountry! Seeing a need for a reliable and effective way to disinfect medical offices and waiting areas, the search for a solution began.

Our background has been in the medical field for many years so we have first hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. In addition to this unique perspective, we also know the importance of protecting clients, staff and family members.

The number one priority was finding something safe, yet that actually worked. One issue with many “commercial” cleaners on the market is to work effectively, the product needs to come in direct contact with the bacteria to kill it. Our system is different because the two-step process ends with a protective barrier that sheds viruses and bacteria and stops them from growing.

To help your business maintain a safe, clean workplace, Southern Antimicrobial Solutions can provide powerful protection from COVID-19, other types of viruses, and bacteria. We can help ensure that your employees, visitors, and anyone who comes into your place of business is entering a disinfected environment.


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