COVID 19 Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

Treating your building for COVID 19 has multiple benefits. You and your employees will work in a safer environment and your customers will be protected. This message can be conveyed to all who visit your establishment by window stickers and signs that Southern Antimicrobial Solutions LLC will provide.


Restaurants were one of the first non-essential businesses to open after quarantine and travel bans were lifted. These pillars of vacation and relaxation cannot be ignored when it comes to preventing the spread of the deadly Covid-19 disease. These places are exposed to hundreds of potential carriers; you cannot risk the spread of the disease through your restaurant. Standard cleaning crews will not be enough; cleanup should be performed by specially-trained bio-hazard cleanup companies. Our technicians are trained to deep-clean, sanitize and disinfect your dining rooms and kitchen, preventing the spread of Coronavirus in your restaurant.

Schools & Daycare Center

In general, children can be walking germ factories, but right now that’s something the world and your business cannot have. Children may not understand social distancing or even how best to cover their cough or blow their nose. It is essential that the children in our communities have places to learn, play and rest without the risk of Coronavirus. Besides, who can afford to have everyone from their school or daycare fall ill? The cost of shutting down your facility and the possible liability issues are not risks any school or business should take lightly.

Office Buildings

Disinfecting your office can solve many problems that are prevalent in a working environment. Illnesses can quickly spread in common places like conference rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Disinfecting your office can kill all sorts of germs and bacteria and prevent an office-wide illness. With cleaner facilities, you can create a more pleasant work atmosphere for everyone. It’s much easier to keep office morale up when everyone is at full-health.

Medical Facilities

Medical offices are particularly prone to Covid-19 as well as other cold and flu germs. Patients walk in and out of these facilities daily; many of those patients could have a sickness you don’t want. It just takes one infected person touching a well-used surface to spread a disease to many others. If your medical office is having higher traffic because of the flu and other viruses, then your office is also at a higher risk for Coronavirus contamination. PermaSafe will keep your employees and patients safe from infection.

Public Areas & Municipal Buildings

Public areas are where people work, live, learn, and relax. The constant comings and goings of people around these areas make them a hot spot for all germs, not just Covid-19. Bacterial and viral infections can spread like wildfire in public places. Any place where people gather en masse must be treated with the best possible care. PermaSafe will keep these public places shielded for the public to remain safe and feel secure.

Retail Locations

Most people ‘try before they buy’ when shopping in person. This usually means touching everything when trying things on. Many surfaces can be contaminated while people are ‘trying out’ or ‘trying on’ your goods. This tends to be true even if stores strongly encourage their shoppers to refrain from touching the merchandise unless they are purchasing. Your best defense against the spread of Covid-19 is to constantly disinfect your store. But that can be costly and time consuming. Instead, use PermaSafe; this will keep your store shielded from disease even weeks after the disinfectant procedure.

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities are usually crowded, and now that many people have begun a workout routine, athletic facilities might begin to see even more traffic. These humans are cramped into close quarters, sweating everywhere and breathing heavily. Most gyms ask their clients to clean down their equipment after using it, but that’s hardly a match for Coronavirus! Even if clients clean down their exercise equipment properly, that still leaves many surfaces completely untouched by disinfectant. An athletic facility must be completely disinfected, floor to ceiling, to promote the health of the patrons.


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